Graham Williams

I was born in Bridlington but spent most of my life after my education in Hull at college, and living in Sheffield. Art has always been my life, in all areas including music, photography but more recently painting. 

At the age of 8, I was going to knock Walt Disney and Hanna-Barbera off the top of the cartoon world. We all have dreams! In fact, my father went so far as to buy me art tutorials about cartoon drawings like Betty Boop etc. In the late fifties to encourage my ambitions, you can imagine the cost and work involved in those days - bless him. 

Sadly, this never happened and I had to settle for a successful life of both graphic and product design/manufacture with great success of designing every day items mainly based on wood. 

I am now retired to the country and spend my time painting, playing my guitars (arthritis permitting) and watching birds and wildlife. I hope you enjoy my work as it is intended to bring colour into your living space and let you dream of a world of tranquility. More examples of my art can be found

I really do appreciate you stopping by and spending time to view my work. We all like a bit of gratification and praise to help build our confidence and I'm no exception, so thankyou

And remember all you artists - keep killing the white

Seasick Close  - Acrylic
Seasick Close - Acrylic

Rock  - Acrylic
Rock - Acrylic

Chillin  - Acrylic
Chillin - Acrylic

Seasick Close  - Acrylic
Seasick Close - Acrylic